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Yolande D’Aragon

After discovering the alluring world of old garden roses, I felt the need to add as many as I could. I was on a conquest looking for a rose who’s fragrance could compete with David Austin’s Gertrude Jekyll. I didn’t expect Yolande D’Aragon to fit this check box, in fact I added this rose for the large, voluptuous, old world blooms that I had seen on several Instagram accounts. She was bred in 1843 by a rose breeder called Jean- Pierre Vibert of which I have begun collecting several of his roses. Yolande is from the Portland class, a remontant class of old roses that preceded hybrid perpetuals.  I ordered this rose from Heirloom roses months after placing my bare root orders for spring of 2021. This was a last minute, late night shopping splurge. She came well rooted but much smaller than my bare roots, which is to be expected with own root specimens. I was thrilled however when she became one of the first of my new roses to produce buds, and even more thrilled when I saw the size of th