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Hey Mr Lincoln

I think we all have certain expectations of roses when we begin a rose garden. More so than any other plant, everyone has an image of what a rose should be or what they would like it to be in their garden and there is probably some piece of nostalgia that dictates what that image is. For me it was a classic long stem red rose with a sumptuous fragrance. The nostalgia may have been linked to my love of Alice in wonderland as a kid. I was off to find the perfect red rose to begin my rose garden and I knew that meant reading reviews and learning a thing or two about roses. Along with learning about hybrid teas, I found the rose- “Mr. Lincoln,” that sounded like he would fit the bill nicely and upon checking into my local big box store, I found an entire display of Mr. Lincoln roses. It was kismit and I purchased 2 of these to add to my newly designed bed. At this point I must admit I still didn’t know that I was planting a full rose garden and Mr. Lincoln ended up in a bed with a

The Beginning of A Rose Garden

Where do I start? Nearly five years ago I was fortunate to purchase my first house and along with it I gained my first garden. My original interest in gardening was limited to an interest in pretty Japanese trees and vague memories of planting marigolds with my parents growing up. In fact I don’t have fond memories of beautiful roses in my grandmother’s garden as most inspired gardeners seem to have. To my knowledge neither of my grandmothers gardened at all. So five years ago I was ecstatic to be purchasing my first house with my husband. A feat I honestly didn’t think that I would ever experience. We were particular about the neighborhood we would buy into, and of course wanted something that suited our tastes and of course in our price range. One factor we never considered was the yard. In fact, when we were shopping there was several feet of snow on the ground, so even had we looked at yards we wouldn’t have been able to see very much. After several months of settlin